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Racism in Mormon ChurchIn my quest to get things organized I created another research page.  I pray it’ll be of use and another easy access point for gathering the info you need.   We have a total of over 300 pages filled with roughly 2,800 articles on everything Mormon.   Remembering where I put every article is becoming more of an issue so I’m gathering by category and putting them on the sidebar.  I’ve been blessed with a good memory, but….

So hang a right over to the sidebar and look for the logo you see with this post and it’ll have all our info on this horrible problem in the Mormon Church or you can just access it here.

The past couple of years have proven themselves to be very busy here at LAM and not wanting the helpful articles and info people write in to share w/ us and our readers I’m aiming to take control of my chaotic mess!  😉  So check it out when you need a reference on racism in Mormonism and who said what, when.

AND, if you’re one of our beautiful authors, researchers, prayer partners or contributors – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  We couldn’t do this without you!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

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