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Treasure-Seeking Ways of Joseph

Mormon Decisions 10The following is an excerpt from an interview of Joseph Smith’s father by local journalists. The book A New Witness for Christ in America was written by Francis Kirkham in defense of the Church. Mr. Kirkham was tutored by James Talmage, attended BYU, graduated from Univ. Michigan, went to law school at the Univ. of Utah and even taught at BYU for two years, served 3 yr mission for the Church and wrote a grammar book for missionaries to help them learn Maori. 

While living in New York and performing in-depth studies of the Book of Mormon Mr. Kirkham had the opportunity to compile dozens of interviews and articles of Joseph Smith’s family members and contemporaries from New York and Ohio newspapers. The compilation of those papers resulted in Kirkham’s book series A New Witness for Christ in America. 


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