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“The youth suicide rate has tripled in Utah since 2007 — jumping from three out of every 100,000 youth to 8.5, an alarming increase not seen anywhere else in the country. …. ” – KUTV.com

Earlier this week I opened an e-mail telling me the 7th kid attending Herriman High School in Utah, committed suicide. The young man was 17, and he like the others, have all died since this past summer.

Reports from KUTV.com stated there’s no clear reason why the numbers are so high, however, a state suicide prevention specialist (Andrea Hood) said it is ‘definitely a Utah problem’.

Each time we pull the numbers for our reports our hearts are saddened, and this time around is no exception. As you’ve probably noticed in our investigations stemming back to 2004, Utah’s vital stats are always ‘off’ compared to others in the nation.

This year Utah’s finally noticed the disparity, and the unnecessary reminder; they’ve got a huge problem on their hands. The rise in the youth suicide rate for ages 10-17 skyrocketed with a 136% increase from 2011–2015. (more…)

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