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“The youth suicide rate has tripled in Utah since 2007 — jumping from three out of every 100,000 youth to 8.5, an alarming increase not seen anywhere else in the country. …. ” – KUTV.com

Earlier this week I opened an e-mail telling me the 7th kid attending Herriman High School in Utah, committed suicide. The young man was 17, and he like the others, have all died since this past summer.

Reports from KUTV.com stated there’s no clear reason why the numbers are so high, however, a state suicide prevention specialist (Andrea Hood) said it is ‘definitely a Utah problem’.

Each time we pull the numbers for our reports our hearts are saddened, and this time around is no exception. As you’ve probably noticed in our investigations stemming back to 2004, Utah’s vital stats are always ‘off’ compared to others in the nation.

This year Utah’s finally noticed the disparity, and the unnecessary reminder; they’ve got a huge problem on their hands. The rise in the youth suicide rate for ages 10-17 skyrocketed with a 136% increase from 2011–2015. (more…)

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In Memory of Sam


UtahTwo months ago I published a report on the status of schools in Utah, and since that time I’ve encountered one thing after another in my quest to finalize the remainder of Utah’s Vital Stats Report.

It seemed whenever I began compiling all the data I had gathered for the past two years, ‘something else would come up’, preventing its completion. Because of a phone call from my mother, I’m putting a kibosh on that right here and now.


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mailbagI received a comment on our other site @ Life After I thought was worthy of highlighting.  What was telling about this note is the ‘assumption’ I’ve not done my homework. The article he took umbrage with is listed first and then his note.  John’s note is in black font. My response to him is in red;



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UtahBefore we begin here let me preface this article with an appeal to those who are reading this and are contemplating suicide.  I’m begging and pleading with you to stop and just for a moment imagine your life without pain.

There is help for you through very compassionate people who are waiting for you to reach out to them so they can help. If you’re in need of someone to help you it’s only a phone call away so PLEASE do this for yourself!

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

Deaf Hotline:

1-800-799-4TTY (4889)


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UtahMy heart sank earlier this week as I read the latest news from one of Utah’s papers reporting on the number of suicides in Utah this year.

Every other year I publish a report on the vital stats of Utah with suicide being the main focus.  While I always have to make amendments on the final numbers that come in from the health department I was taken aback at their final tally this last time.


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The ABC’s of Utah Vital Stats 2012


That’s how many people in Utah have committed suicide since 1980. In those 32 years the size of a small town took their own lives. It’s sobering news when thought upon in that light and even more sobering when you realize that today someone in Utah will take their own life again.

Every 131 minutes someone in  Utah will attempt suicide.

The potential these people had to make us a better society or to contribute their time and talents is gone – forever.

While compiling the stats this time around I didn’t see any significant changes in the way Utah does life, except for the continuous rise of suicides. As I mentioned in the status of Utah schools I carry a hope inside me things will change, and for some people that’s true. Fortunately God can and will intervene when we open  our hearts.  While I understand and know that as the world keeps drawing further away from the Lord things will continue to worsen, there’s an eternal optimist living in me that doesn’t think it needs to be so.

God is Louder

This past week my family and I enjoyed a few days together over on the coast.  I fell in love with oceans as a young child while visiting an uncle who lived in Jersey and from that time on I’ve been in awe.

While visiting Pacific Beach, WA this past week I stood out on the back porch of the house we rented and just listened to the waves rolling in. One after another they came as I made a mental note of their consistency and how their strong rumbling noise kept going even with other noises around me.

Their sound reminds me that God is always present, always on time and always bigger and louder than man-made noises.

When we allow God into our lives His comfort is greater than our most self-degrading thoughts and His Holy Spirit stronger than any self mustered willpower we’ll ever know.


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Schools in Utah – Part of the Utah’s Vital Stats Series

kids in front of legislatureIn the advent of our yearly celebration of Jesus’ birth I find myself rushing to complete the Vital Stats Report on Utah.  And as this happens every 24 months you’d think I’d get used to the results of my research, alas, that never occurs for me. Ha!

While I’ve streamlined the format of this project over the years the more information we have readily at our fingertips the more evidence and fruits of Utah Mormonism become clearer still and throws a wrench into my lame attempt at brevity.


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