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Our LDS reference today has brought me to my knees each time I read it. It came from a book written by Wayne and Leslee Boss, located in the Gospelink Program. You can also buy it online.

Are My Children Going to Make It? Real Help for Teaching the Gospel in the Home [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1991], ix, 63-64 “The purpose of this book is to provide parents with ideas about ways to both simply and enjoyably teach their children the gospel.

…The Prophet Joseph said that a prophet is only a prophet when he’s acting as such. How do you know whether the President of the Church is speaking as a prophet or as just a man?

“Son, I’ve found that if you apply two simple tests, you’ll never be deceived. First, the statement will be consistent with what’s taught in the scriptures. Second, the Spirit will bear witness to you that the doctrine is true. You have the right to receive a spiritual witness from the Lord about the truthfulness of any doctrine taught, regardless of the source. These are just two of the safeguards the Lord has prepared against deception.” …

When the prophet of the Lord speaks, children have a right to know that he is speaking for and in behalf of their Heavenly Father. That means that neither parents nor their children should ever find fault with the Lord’s prophet. …

Thus, parents who find fault with their leaders place themselves and their children in a very dangerous position. As Dallin H. Oaks explained, “The primary reason we are commanded to avoid criticism is to preserve our own spiritual well-being, not to protect the person whom we would criticize. (7)”” — R. Wayne Boss and Leslee S. Boss (more…)

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