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The Seer, p. 140 “By marrying an unbeliever you place yourselves in open disobedience to the command of God requiring His people to gather together. Do you expect to be saved in direct violation of the commands of Heaven? If not, keep yourselves wholly and entirely from the company of unbelievers. Do you wish the fellowship of the Saints? If you do, have no fellowship for unbelievers.

For after the great light which our Father in Heaven has given, none of the Saints will have any confidence in your honesty or sincerity, if you will recklessly throw yourselves away and cut off all hopes of your future exaltation. No female that has a respect for the work of God, or a respect for her future character among His people, will associate or keep company with any but Saints.” – Orson Pratt, October 1853 (more…)

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The Seer, p. 140 “We cannot feel justified in closing this article on the subject of marriage without saying a few words to unmarried females in this church. You will clearly perceive from the revelation which God has given that you can never obtain a fulness of glory without being married to a righteous man for time and for all eternity. If you marry a man who receives not the gospel, you lay a foundation for sorrow in this world, besides losing the privilege of enjoying the society of a husband in eternity. You forfeit your right to an endless increase of immortal lives. And even the children which you may be favored with in this life will not be entrusted to your charge in eternity but you will be left in that world without a husband, without a family, without a kingdom—without any means of enlarging yourselves, being subject to the principalities and powers who are counted worthy of families, and kingdoms, and thrones, and the increase of dominions forever. To them you will be servants and angels— …” – Orson Pratt, October 1853 (more…)

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“Our calling is not primarily to be holy men and women, but to be proclaimers of the gospel of God. … Personal holiness is an effect of redemption, not the cause of it…” ~ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, January 31

Journal of Discourses 12:261 “There is a little matter I want to speak upon to you, my sisters. It is a subject that is very obnoxious to outsiders. … ‘Oh.’ Says one, ‘I know what you mean, my husband has two, four, or half a dozen wives.’ … This doctrine so hateful and annoying to the feelings of many, was revealed from heaven to Joseph Smith, and obedience is required to it by the Latter-day Saints, — this very principle will work out the moral salvation of the world. Do you believe it? It makes no difference whether you do or not, it is true.” – Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, August 9, 1868 (more…)

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Journal of Discourses 19:164 “It would be unwise and unpleasant for an Elder in Israel to perform a marriage ceremony that could not be acknowledged in heaven. Since the endowment house has been closed in Salt Lake City, those wishing to be married according to the laws of heaven have had to travel down to St. George, where they can be sealed together for time and all eternity; for a Temple is the proper place in which to perform these sacred ordinances. …

There is no blessing that our heavenly Father is not ready to bestow upon us on condition that we observe the laws and ordinances established for the salvation of his Saints. … There are many things to talk about, we have to select a few and pass by the rest. The principle of marriage is one of great importance; our young men and maidens are called upon to become united and to learn to live together and accomplish all the Lord has commanded.” – Charles C. Rich, Paris, Idaho, November 11, 1877 (more…)

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Galatians 2:21 “I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.”

The scripture above is what I saw every day when I went into the offices of Saints Alive back in the ‘90’s. Ed always had his Bible opened to the front page where he had written that verse down, and so it was visible right there on his desk. The verse became emblazoned in my memory bank – PTL!

This month as I was organizing our articles for the websites, Ed’s bible kept coming to mind as I noticed a recurring theme.

Mandates. (more…)

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