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Achieving a Celestial Marriage, p. 132Celestial Marriage Makes Women Queens and Priestesses unto Their Husbands. “If righteous men have power through the gospel and its crowning ordinance of celestial marriage to become kings and priests to rule in exaltation forever, it follows that the women by their side (without whom they cannot attain exaltation) will be queens and priestesses. (Rev. 1:6; 5:10.) Exaltation grows out of the eternal union of a man and his wife. Of those whose marriage endures in eternity , the Lord says, ‘Then shall they be gods’ (D. & C. 132:20); that is, each of them, the man and the woman, will be a god. As such they will rule over their dominions forever.” (McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 613 .)” [emp. added] (more…)

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Achieving a Celestial Marriage, p. 4 “Man has descended from God; in fact, he is the same race as the Gods. His descent has not been from a lower form of life, but from the Highest Form of Life; in other words, man is, in the most literal sense, a Child of God. This is not only true of the spirit of man, but of his body also.” — LDS President John Taylor, Also found in Course of Study for Priests, 1910. p.35 (more…)

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joseph-smith-artLDS Manual, Achieving a Celestial Marriage, p. 129; “The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that man is an eternal being, made in the image and likeness of God … These truths are generally well understood by Latter-day Saints. Less well understood, however, is the fact that God is an exalted man who once lived on an earth and underwent experiences of mortality. The great prophet Joseph Smith refers to this as ‘the great secret.’”


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