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General Conference, ‘Book of Mormon Geography,’ April 1929, pp. 15-16 “There is a great deal of talk about the geography of the Book of Mormon. Where was Zarahemla? Where was the City of Zarahemla? and other geographic matters. It doesn’t make any difference to us. There has never been anything yet set forth that definitively settles the question. So the Church says we are just waiting until we discover the truth. … We do not offer any definite solution. As  you study the Book of Mormon keep these things in mind and do not make definite statements concerning things that have not been proven in advance to be true.” — Anthony W. Ivins, Apostle

A few days ago Melissa gave me a heads up about the latest installment of the Church’s essays.

She came across a YouTube video discussing how earlier this month the Church quietly placed the latest addition in the Gospel Topics section of their website. (more…)

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Holley1Leaving Mormonism and all it entails is a process filled with surprises, shock, disappointments and relief to name a few. Just when you think you’ve heard it all and nothing else can surprise you, a new discovery in Mormon teachings or history rears its ugly head.

The article here is case in point. I’ll never forget the first time I saw maps from the era of Joseph Smith’s day.  I sat in shock as I read names of valleys and townships that were eerily similar to names I knew were in the Book of Mormon.


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