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salt lake mormon temple 2Millennial Star, Vol. 17, No. 50, December 15, 1855, pg 785; “It is evident that truth, and its opposite, or the principles of good and evil must be co-existent with each other, and that the presence of one has ever been necessary to develop the nature and powers of the other. From this it would appear that organizations and intelligences must experience the effects of evil in order to understand its opposite, be redeemed by a sacrifice similar to the made for this earth, and receive purification, sanctification, and final redemption through faith, good works and obedience to similar laws and ordinances. Co-existent with the Gods of Eternity, there must have always been personal representatives of evil, or devils for them to subdue, in order that there might be an opposite in all things. Without opposition there can be no progression; without hate, no love; without darkness, no light; without sorrow, no joy; without a hell, no heaven; without devils, no Gods. All things must necessarily work out the designs of the Almighty, and increase His glory, exaltation, and power.”


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