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The Articles of Faith, p. 178 “There is an entire absence of scriptural sanction for giving the sacrament to any who are not members in full fellowship in the Church of Christ. Christ administered the ordinance on the eastern continent to His apostles only; and we have record of their giving it to those only who had assumed the name of Christ. Amongst His western fold, Christ established the law that only the actual members of His Church should partake.

In promising to ordain one among them with power to officiate in the sacrament, the Savior specified that the one so chosen should give it unto the people of His Church, unto all those who believed and were baptized in His name.” Only those indeed who had been so baptized were called the Church of Christ. Continuing His instructions to the disciples concerning the sacrament, the Savior said: “This shall ye always do to those who repent and are baptized in my name.” — James Talmage (more…)

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