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It’s interesting to note that according to the Mormon temple endowment ceremony not long after Adam chants the same thing Satan appeared.


ADAM: Brethren and sisters, this represents the telestial kingdom, or the world in which we now live. Adam, on finding himself in the lone and dreary world, built an altar and offered prayer, and these are the words he uttered:

[Adam kneels at the altar and lifts his hands towards heaven, each arm raised to the square.]

Oh God, hear the words of my mouth.
Oh God, hear the words of my mouth.
Oh God, hear the words of my mouth.

[Lucifer comes into view.]

LUCIFER: I hear you. What is it you want?

ADAM: Who are you?

LUCIFER: I am the god of this world.

ADAM: You, the god of this world?

LUCIFER: Yes. What do you want?

ADAM: I am looking for messengers.

LUCIFER: Oh, you want someone to preach to you. You want religion, do you? There will be many willing to preach to you the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.

ADAM: But I am looking for messengers from my Father.


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Temple Ceremonies and the Clothing

By Melissa Grimes

My journey out of Mormonism began with the Mormon Temple. One night my husband was watching a documentary on Freemasonry and noticed how similar their temple rites were to those we participated in at the Mormon Temple.  At this point of my Mormon experience I had doubts off and on about the validity of Joseph Smith’s claims yet never delved into any serious research. I was simply content in my ignorance, as I trusted in the words of the church leaders to quiet my concerns.


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