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Early Mormon PolygamistsWe’re adding to our growing collection of Polygamy & Mormon Church Leaders!  We just finished an article on Erastus Snow. While this guy was busy converting a lot of people into the fold of Mormonism, he was also busy marrying more than his fair share of them at the same time.

His story reads much like the others do of taking in under-age girls andErastus Snow marrying their sisters as well as their mothers. It’s a wonder how they kept all their names straight and a bigger wonder how they justified the atrocious behavior while doing so. You can read Mr. Snow’s short bio and get info on all those wives here.

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Mary Mackert Introduction Letters 

    Polygamists On June 4, 2008 I had the blessing of having Mary Mackert on our radio outreach program; Way of the Cross.  The programs will air on June 8th and the 15th so be sure to download the podcasts and hear this woman’s incredible story of how God miraculously saved her and four of her five children from a life of polygamy and spiritual death.  It’s another example of God’s mercy on us and His sovereignty!


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