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In the latest episode of Breaking the Faith the group traveled to Salt Lake City, UT to stay in house a owned by a Mormon woman who helps the FLDS transition to the outside world. While I think it’s great she wants to help the FLDS girls find their way in this new life outside of their religion I can’t help but think it’s a little odd.

Both religions are cut from the same cloth woven by Joseph Smith. Both hold to up the Book of Mormon as scripture, both believe the practice of polygamy came from God; both believe you must make yourself worthy through obedience to the doctrines of the church and both consider Smith a prophet.


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Oh brother…

Warren Jeffs’ End-time Prophecy

From behind prison walls polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs seems to be up to his old tricks again.

The Deseret News reported yesterday the permanent closing of several stores on Friday in Colorado City, AZ and the sudden reopening of the same stores the following morning. No one knows why they were closed or reopened for that matter. It seems this madman still has a spiritual stronghold over the people and controls everything they do.


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False Prophecies by False Prophets

When we don’t follow God’s word man’s idea of righteousness goes every which way.  Case in point is Joseph Smith and what he did in 1830.  With his idea of God people went their own ways after his death and today we see literally hundreds of different kinds of Mormonism rearing their ugly heads.

The case in Texas took another turn this week.  Warren Jeffs, the self proclaimed prophet of the polygamous group FLDS, issued a new prophecy.   Now he’s predicted the walls of the prison are going to fall down around him and until then no one is allowed to have sexual relations in their marriages.  If you’re caught doing so the punishment is swift and severe; it’s excommunication for you.

Let’s pray the reports are true that people are finally leaving.  And although that may seem like a good thing we also need to pray they’ll come to know the truth about Jesus and get saved!


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Warren Jeffs


Warren Jeffs was found guilty of child rape yesterday in Texas and now we’re awaiting the sentencing phase.  Jeffs is looking at 119 years in a federal prison for his filthy deeds.


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