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Journal of Discourses 11:232 “In speaking about apostasy, it is a remarkable feature connected with it and with those who favor apostates and consort with them, that they are filled with the spirit of fear.” — George Quayle Cannon, Great Salt Lake City, May 6, 1866. (more…)

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Today we’re looking at a speech given by a Mormon apostle, George Quayle Cannon. Mr. Cannon served Cannon George Qas a political strategist under four Mormon prophets; Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Lorenzo Snow.

The reason we’re looking at this particular speech is because of the numerous lies he tried to pass off as truth, and the way he kept maligning Christians. What Christian do you know that goes about demeaning his brothers and sisters in Christ?

We’ve trimmed this reference down considerably because of its length. If you’d like to read it in full, the link is provided below. Our remarks are in red.


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salt lake mormon temple 2Journal of Discourses 23:361-362; “Because he was the head God chose him, and while he was faithful no man could take his place and position. He was faithful, and died faithful. He stands therefore at the head of this dispensation, and will throughout all eternity, and no man can take that power away from him. If any man holds these keys, he holds them subordinate to him. … If we get our salvation we shall have to pass by him; if we enter into our glory it will be through the authority that he has received. We cannot get around him … If we enter into our exaltation, it will be because they, as the servants of God, permit us to pass by, just as the revelation says, ‘pass by the angels and the Gods, which are set there,’ to our exaltation.” – George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake City, October 29, 1882 (more…)

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No Suppressing Polygamy

Journal of Discourses 20:276; “If plural marriage be divine, as the Latter-day Saints say it is, no power on earth can suppress it, unless you crush and destroy the entire people.” – George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake City, July 20, 1879

Well the people are still around but polygamy isn’t so what does this prophecy mean?

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