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General Conference, ‘Keep the Change’, October 2020 “When I was younger, I visualized myself walking along an upward, vertical path toward my goal of eternal life. Each time I did or said something wrong, I felt myself sliding down the path, only to start my journey all over again. It was like landing on that one square in the children’s game Chutes and Ladders that slides you down from the top of the board back to the beginning of the game! It was discouraging! But as I began to understand the doctrine of Christ and how to apply it daily in my life, I found hope. …

We endure to the end by continuing to apply these principles throughout our lives and inviting the Lord to change us. Enduring to the end means changing to the end. I now understand that I am not starting over with each failed attempt, but that with each try, I am continuing my process of change.” — Becky Craven, Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency (more…)

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Today I was thinking about forgiveness in the Mormon Church and if you’re a Mormon how do you obtain forgiveness.  One of the easiest places to find concise definitions of what Mormons believe is in the study topics of their website.  So today this is what we’ve looked at to coincide with the topic of forgiveness for murder in Mormonism.


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