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Temple Ceremonies Part 5 The Veil of the Temple

The Marks on the Veil

PETER: Brethren and sisters, I will now explain the marks on the veil. These four marks are the marks of the holy priesthood, and corresponding marks are found in your individual garment.

This one on the right is the mark of the square. It is placed in the garment over the right breast, suggesting to the mind exactness and honor in keeping the covenants entered into this day.



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The Initiatory Ceremony


The ceremony script here is what took place in the temple before 1990.  We’ll be posting the scripts for the latest revision later.

The Initiatory Ceremony is a preliminary four stage ritual performed before the Endowment Ceremonies in the temple.  These ceremonies are performed on an individual basis while the Endowment Ceremonies are performed within a group setting of typically twenty patrons.


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