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Below is a link to the film shown in the Mormon temple during the endowment ceremony.

As I watch this video I think back to a time I actually believed in what I was doing, I can’t believe I used to participate in this madness. Looking back now I wish that I would have seen then what I see now, it’s paganism there’s no other word for it. Satan stars as one of the leading roles with Jesus only receiving a minor one, and it’s not even the real Jesus. This video should sweep away any doubt in the minds of those wondering if Mormonism is really a cult.


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Secret HandshakesVideo of Secret Handshakes in the Mormon Temples

In this next video we see the handshakes or “tokens” Mormons learn in the temple during the endowment ceremony. Mormons believe God requires them to know these things before He can permit them to come into His presence. I’ve watched these videos probably a half dozen times, and can’t believe I used to participate in these pagan rituals. It reminds me of how far God has brought me and  I’m so thankful I was pulled out of this religion by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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The Initiatory Ceremony


The ceremony script here is what took place in the temple before 1990.  We’ll be posting the scripts for the latest revision later.

The Initiatory Ceremony is a preliminary four stage ritual performed before the Endowment Ceremonies in the temple.  These ceremonies are performed on an individual basis while the Endowment Ceremonies are performed within a group setting of typically twenty patrons.


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