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Foundation of the Book of Mormon Series

Grammar Problems and Questionable Teachings in the Book of Mormon Part 3

The Non-existent Archaeology from the Book of Mormon

 (Things not invented yet and/or not in America during Book of Mormon timeframe)

This article is a nice companion to our series, but it also goes along well with our archaeological investigations that we’ve produced for the site. http://lifeafterministry.com/2011/01/15/book-of-mormon-artifacts-and-metallurgy/

This article is a list of all the verses from the claims of Joseph Smith about various tools, food items and animals in the Book of Mormon. We’ve included ore, iron, horses, chariots, flocks, etc. in the same order of our original article. You’ll also find additional references for words we didn’t include in the original article. This is a handy reference guide when witnessing to your Mormon friends and loved ones.


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 Book of Mormon & Dates in History

     A few years ago I took a bible study class on the book of Jeremiah.  Now I’ve been taking bible study classes non-stop since I was saved back on Palm Sunday of ’93 and I have to say that just like every other Christian I learn a lot, but there are times when the studies are more significant than others.  The study of Jeremiah did that for me.


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