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Discussion 6 – Membership in the Kingdom

 (This is the last, and finale Discussion investigators receive before becoming baptized members of the Church.)

There are six principles the missionaries discuss in this lesson, they are:

“The Roles of Jesus Christ in the Plan of Salvation”

“Exaltation Through Christ and his Church”

“The Mission of the Church: Perfecting the Saints”

“The Mission of the Church Proclaiming the Gospel”

“The Mission of the Church: Redeeming the Dead”

“The Strait (sp?) and Narrow Path”


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Discussion 5 – Living a Christlike Life

There are four principles discussed with the investigator in this lesson they are:

The Two Great Commandments

Sacrifice Brings Blessings

Fasting and Fast Offerings


Judging by the title of the discussion and the principles it teaches, I think we can safely say the lesson the investigators are left with is that you must do works and sacrifice to live a “Christlike’ life.


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Discussion 4 – Eternal Progression

During this discussion investigators will learn a little more about the Mormon doctrine of Eternal Progression, in other words, how they can eventually become a god.

There are seven principles the investigators are taught in this lesson, they are:

Our Premortal Life

Mortal Life on Earth

Life After Death

Work for the Dead

The Eternal Family


Word of Wisdom


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The Restoration

mormon-missionary-discussions-1.pngOnce again before getting into the discussion, missionaries are to ask the investigators for a commitment to be baptized.

In the instructions missionaries read it says –

“If the investigators have not yet committed themselves to be baptized or have not yet attended Church meetings, these commitments must be among your major objectives for this discussion.”

At this point and even prior to it, investigators are expected to make a commitment to the church before they have been presented with all the information necessary to make an informed decision. This is only discussion three, there are three more lessons they must have before they are baptized, what’s the hurry? Why do they need a commitment so soon? These are just a couple of questions that have come to mind as I’ve started this series.


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Most of these discussions cover a lot of material. In the interest of time I’m going to do my best to give a brief, but thorough synopsis, for each lesson. If you would like to read through all the material for this and other lessons, you can do so by following the link below.

Discussion 2 – The Gospel of Jesus Christ

In this discussion investigators are taught the ‘first principles and ordinances of the (Mormon) gospel’, which are faith, baptism, repentance, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. It’s also during this discussion, the investigators are encouraged to make a commitment to the Church, and set a date for their baptism.


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Discussion 1 – The Plan of our Heavenly Father

This discussion lays the foundation for all six discussions. Investigators are taught about God (Heavenly Father), and Jesus. They are then introduced to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

The six principles investigators learn about in this lesson are:

The plan of our Heavenly Father

The divine sonship of Jesus Christ

How the plan has been revealed

The Prophet Joseph Smith:

The Book of Mormon-Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The Holy Ghost- A witness to the truth


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In the series to follow I hope to give you an idea of what Mormon Missionaries teach those they encounter who are interested in hearing more about the Church. Before switching over to their Preach My Gospel discussion manual a few years ago, the Mormon Missionaries taught six lessons to the investigators.

Over the next few days I’ll be going over each of the discussions. As you read over these discussions (links below) keep in mind the people the missionaries are talking to probably know little, to nothing about Mormonism. In these discussions, they aren’t going to be taught the core, deeper doctrines of Mormonism. This comes much later when they have been a member for a year, and have gone through the endowment ceremony in the temple.


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