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Why the LDS Church is True

(According to an e-mail I received)

     While I receive many e-mails for the ministry, one that caught my attention the most came from a Mormon a while back by the name of Shane.  In his 15 page defense of the Church, a common theme ran throughout which has prompted this reply. I still use this e-mail as a response to other Mormons who write in with the exact copy & paste reasons the Church is true.

     This Mormon took it upon himself to copy and paste a large section from the LDS website to let us know why the Church is true.

     As the Christian will see, the reasoning he employs is lacking in spiritual maturity by using their (the LDS) defense.  His spiritual condition doesn’t promote ridicule on our part, but once again begs for empathy from those of us who’ve walked the same path.  It saddens me he can’t or won’t stop long enough to compile his own reasons for trusting the LDS Church.  Instead it’s a copy and paste world in the minds of many Mormons.  The way he responded also reminds me of a common response we see with many Mormons.

     For instance, when asked where the proof is that someone like Nephi existed they’ll ask what proof there is the apostles existed. Instead of answering the question with definitive answer about Nephi, they attack the Bible.


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