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 Christofferson: ‘Not a Religion of Rationalization’

Today we’re looking at a comment made by LDS apostle Christofferson at the General Conference we retrieved from the Salt Lake Tribune.

As a heads up for the upcoming week’s posts, we’ll be posting an article each day from the conference although it won’t be in the way we’ve done so in past.

The reason for all this is because of what’s going on my life that takes precedence over all other things. In the meantime, I could use some serious prayer for my health and as always, for the spiritual health of my beloved Mormon people.

Now on to the quote by Mr. Christofferson! (more…)

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President Trump celebrates Mormon settlers on Pioneer Day

By Thomas Burr July 24, 2018

“Washington • President Donald Trump offered his “best wishes” to Utahns celebrating Pioneer Day on Tuesday [July 24], extolling the Mormons who escaped persecution to take on a challenging and dangerous trek to find a new home.

“Our nation honors the ingenuity, industry, and unwavering commitment to faith of all those who endured frontier hardships,” the White House said Tuesday. …“Fleeing persecution… “Their stories and accomplishments are lasting reminders of the importance of religious freedom and the enduring strength and spirit of the American people…” (more…)

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An article in the Salt Lake Tribune on October 14, 2017 provided some interesting info on the yearly salaries of Church leaders in SLC.

$120,000 per person across the board, plus housing. For some in leadership, housing includes a $1m+ apartment suite in downtown SLC, and others are stipend  accordingly. The shocking thing about this is who exactly qualifies. If you believe it’s just the apostles, think again.


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LDS ChurchAn ex-Mormon website I was reading the other day* was talking about an article in the Salt Lake Trib who reported the Church isn’t seeing the number of convert baptisms they were hoping for by lowering the age requirements for missionaries.




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