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They Fell to the Earth

3 Nephi 1:17; “And they began to know that the Son of God must shortly appear; yea, in fine, all the people upon the face of the whole earth from the west to the east, both in the land north and in the land south, were so exceedingly astonished that they fell to the earth.


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Contending Warmly with Others with Your Fists

Alma 1:22; “Nevertheless, there were many among them who began to be proud, and began to contend warmly with their adversaries, even unto blows; yea, they would smite one another with their fists.”

As you might have guessed I have to post this one. If this whole Book of Mormon thing wasn’t so serious I’d be rolling on the floor in laughter with some of these stupid verses.

Honestly, how do the Mormon people look upon these things and not walk right out the door of Mormonism? How in the world is this inspired?

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Jesus is Created

Ether 3:14; “Behold, I am he who was prepared from the foundation of the world to redeem my people. Behold, I am Jesus Christ. I am the Father and the Son. In me shall all mankind have life, and that eternally, even they who shall believe on my name; and they shall become my sons and my daughters.”


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Thought of the Day about Mormonism and Mother Earth???

Mosiah 2:26; “And I, even I, whom ye call your king, am no better than ye yourselves are; for I am also of the dust. And ye behold that I am old, and am about to yield up this mortal frame to its mother earth.”

Mother Earth?


This phrase is a personification of nature that God created. It is the focus of thanking Mother Nature (Mother Earth) for her life giving aspects. God said he hates those who worship other gods – Ps. 31:6. 

Why is this in the Book of Mormon?

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Spiritual Discernment

What is it and from where does it come?  When people write in asking how they can “get” spiritual discernment my answer is always the same; open your bible and start reading. 

For those who say they don’t have spiritual discernment I have a question for you!  Do you have His Holy Spirit residing inside you? Does He not guide you throughout your day? If so, how does He do this? Name the things He’s shown you in one day and give scriptural proof to back your claim.


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God Became Flesh Because of Man’s Faith  

Ether 3:9-17; “And the Lord said unto him: Because of thy faith thou hast seen that I shall take upon me flesh and blood; and never has man come before me with such exceeding faith as thou hast; for were it not so ye could not have seen my finger. Sawest thou more than this?”


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Jared’s Language not Confounded

Ether 1:34, 37; “And the brother of Jared being a large and mighty man, and a man highly favored of the Lord, Jared, his brother, said unto him: Cry unto the Lord, that he will not confound us that we may not understand our words. 37 And it came to pass that the brother of Jared did cry unto the Lord, and the Lord had compassion upon their friends and their families also, that they were not confounded.”


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