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joseph smith 3Originally, this article was published in 2011. While looking through our websites, I noticed it had mysteriously become attached to another article,Joseph Smith, Nephi and Moroni’. Yikes!

Long story short, we’re cleaning house, as they say! Today we’re republishing ‘Joseph and Lucifer Compared’ as its own little self in hopes it’ll clear up any confusion.

This article, ‘Joseph and Lucifer Compared’, was one of the first things I discovered after making the exodus from my beloved heritage. Personally, the discovery was a heart-breaker, and sent chills down my spine as I continued reading the evidence of what Smith had done. It became another proverbial nail in the coffin, as I began seeing Mormonism for what it really was, and is: demonically inspired evil.

Again, I want to make it abundantly clear, we don’t publish these things to be sensationalistic. Mormonism doesn’t need any showmanship added to its menagerie of doctrinal shockers. It does more than an ample job of that all on its own. Rather, we publish these things to inform both Mormons, and Christians alike. We pray it’ll open the eyes of those who don’t know, and help my people come to their senses the good Lord instilled them with. Here we go! (more…)


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Joseph Smith’s Involvement with Magic, Masonry, and the Occult


Author requests article critique



Joseph Smith’s claim of receiving gold plates from a holy angel, has attracted millions of converts to the Mormon Church, a church which now boasts a membership of nearly thirteen million, and continues to add about a million new members every three years or less.(1)


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All NINE versions of Joseph Smith’s First Vision
by Mark Grote

“As of 1834, Joseph Smith’s first published autobiographical sketch contained no whisper of an event that, if it had happened, would have been the most soul-shattering experience of his whole youth.


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“Martyrdom” of Joseph

Gospel Kingdom, pg. 360; “He, however, instantly arose, and with a firm, quick step, and a determined expression of countenance, approached the door, and pulling the six-shooter left by Brother Wheelock from his pocket, opened the door slightly, and snapped the pistol six successive times. Only three of the barrels, however, were discharged. I afterwards understood that two or three were wounded by these discharges, two of whom, I am informed, died. – John Taylor (Third prophet of the Church.)


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Joseph Smith Descriptions

         Google the name of Joseph Smith and you’ll find a plethora of websites that either lauds the praises of Smith or those who show vehement hatred for the man.  My objective for this list of descriptions isn’t to show hatred towards him because I don’t feel hatred for Joseph Smith; however, I am saddened for my people that have chosen to believe in his odious lies.  Our objective for producing articles such as these is to inform and educate.

     Aside from the LDS hymn “Praise to the Man”, let’s find out just how much the Mormon people love the false prophet Joseph Smith.  If the Mormon will stay on this site long enough to see just one egregious falsehood about Smith and begin thinking about it, then I’ve done the job God has given me to do.  Our main objective isn’t to sensationalize, but to inform and lead my people into the ever loving arms of our God and Savior Christ Jesus.


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It’s All Because of Joseph

     Please forgive my sarcasm in the title of this article. It comes from a video I watched on YouTube of a BYU professor who talks about, amongst other things, her testimony of Joseph Smith. Take a look at the video, and I’ll see you back here in a few minutes:



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Joseph Smith and Jesus Compared

Luke 22:54-23:33 is the focus of this article and for the sake of space we ask that you open your own Bibles to read along as we point out the significant events that took place in Jesus’ last few days of life here on earth.

Through Jesus’ death God manifested His great love for us and introduced to mankind that grace was available to all – no matter the tribe or race you belonged!  The grace of God brought with it a new lifestyle that was freer than anyone had previously known.

scalesWorks became an outward expression of our love for God and the concept that we had to work for salvation was nailed to the cross Jesus hung upon.

With these things in mind we turn our attention to what mankind can do in the name of God when he chooses to pervert truth and attempts to take the focus off the Creator.

 At the time of this writing it is December 2005.  During this great season of looking to God who gave us His Son, we are also striving to keep the LDS Church’s focus placed in the right direction.


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