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Earlier today I received an e-mail from my good friend Ed Decker who delivered the sad news of the passing of a giant in the field of missionary works – Pat Matrisciana.

His work is part of the reason I’m a Christian today. If you’ve not heard of him, you probably know his work. The Godmakers. He was the founder of Jeremiah Films. Here’s part of Ed’s email telling me of the news – (more…)

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Saints AliveDear Friends,

Watching the Mormon Church begin to implode has really been a blessing. After almost 40 years of standing against its lies and the spiritual death it brings to its followers, it is a breath of fresh air.


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Ed DeckerMy good friend and mentor, Ed Decker, wrote a very insightful article earlier this month that I thought was so vital I’m posting it here with his permission.  I’ve often thought about the latest actions of the Church and wondered how long it’ll be before the empty halls of those temples echo.  Ed’s article concurs with my thoughts.  Interesting!


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Mitt Romney, the United States and Mormonism

A few years ago my good friend Ed Decker called and asked me to help him out with a book he was writing at the time called “My Kingdom Come”. The book deals with many issues within Mormonism, but the chapter I contributed to was on my experience living as a “residual fruit” of polygamy. I shared in his book what it was like growing up with so many relatives and what it does to someone spiritually, mentally and emotionally knowing your sole purpose in life was to bear children for the Mormon god.


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Okay here we go!

As I was just visiting Ed Decker’s Christian Apologetic Facebook page I read an interesting article.

The Mormon Church is going on an all-out blitz of another advertising campaign and this time they’re not hitting just the television and radio airwaves.

Yesterday bishops met in wards with their local congregations to let them know they will be advertising via the social networking venues.  Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to  name a few.

They want all members ages 14+ to participate and tell the world about their personal experiences in Mormonism.

If you’re on those internet pages at all – watch out and warn your friends and neighbors!

To get the whole story of what the Church is doing, visit Ed’s Christian Apologetic Facebook page:


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The Passing of Dr. Ron Carlson

It was with my utmost respect and sadness to find out a warrior for the Lord passed away last Thursday (June 16, 2011).  Dr. Ron Carlson laid down for a nap in the afternoon and as Ed Decker so eloquently stated, “woke up in heaven”.


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The GodMakers books and films have led thousands of people to the Lord.  My personal experience with the series came about in 1983.  While living in Oklahoma City I was asked by a co-worker if I’d come over to her home and watch it on television. 

Half way through the film I was so aghast at what I was watching I got up from my chair, walked over to the television and spat upon the face of Ed Decker. 

My friends asked me if what he said was a lie and I emphatically told them that every single thing from the man’s mouth was indeed a lie from hell.

The problem with that scenario?  I knew I was lying.  While I wasn’t a temple worthy member of the Church at the time I wasn’t about to let anyone speak badly about my beloved heritage.  The other problem was the questions that kept swirling around privately in my head.  Everything the film pointed out was truth and convicted me of the same doubts I already had.

Eleven years after the introduction of GodMakers, I found myself sitting in the office of Ed Decker asking him if I could volunteer for Saints Alive.

Thank you Ed.  Thank you for telling the truth.  Thank you for not backing down to the nay-sayers and even those who would spit upon your face.



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