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‘Abstain from all appearance of evil.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:22

 Thanks to Melissa’s hard work, we have another installment for our list of YouTube Videos! This time we’re looking at a number of quotes made by LDS leaders on the topic of chastity.

Their comments were directed toward LDS youth as reminders to keep themselves morally clean – even during rape. Their overblown, not to mention incorrect view of this, defies all logic.

Here are just two of the outlandish things they’ve said – (more…)

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 Life After Ministries now has a YouTube channel! This is a work in progress so please be patient with us as we add content to the channel. I’m very new to creating videos, but once I get past the learning curve, I hope we’ll have things you’ll enjoy watching. (more…)

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Mormon ChannelEach person that helps me out at the ministry has unique talents they bring to the table to share with the body of Christ.  Praise God for their willingness to do so!


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Okay here we go!

As I was just visiting Ed Decker’s Christian Apologetic Facebook page I read an interesting article.

The Mormon Church is going on an all-out blitz of another advertising campaign and this time they’re not hitting just the television and radio airwaves.

Yesterday bishops met in wards with their local congregations to let them know they will be advertising via the social networking venues.  Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to  name a few.

They want all members ages 14+ to participate and tell the world about their personal experiences in Mormonism.

If you’re on those internet pages at all – watch out and warn your friends and neighbors!

To get the whole story of what the Church is doing, visit Ed’s Christian Apologetic Facebook page:


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