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‘Abstain from all appearance of evil.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:22

 Thanks to Melissa’s hard work, we have another installment for our list of YouTube Videos! This time we’re looking at a number of quotes made by LDS leaders on the topic of chastity.

Their comments were directed toward LDS youth as reminders to keep themselves morally clean – even during rape. Their overblown, not to mention incorrect view of this, defies all logic.

Here are just two of the outlandish things they’ve said – (more…)

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 Today we’re comparing the teachings in the Young Women Manual to what God says in His word! Although the Church rewrote their manuals, they’re still holding tight to their past behavior of not telling the truth.

One of the eight lesson topics in this book (Virtue) is so bad it needs to be exposed for the lie it is. Besides integrating temple endowment vocab into their manual, they also included the ungodly belief God’s greatest power is sex.

Each topic in their manual has specific assignments/projects to complete that can be worked through at the member’s own discretion, and in the order they choose.

The manual’s overview stated that projects/lessons are designed to help prepare them for their future lives as temple worthy married women, with families of their own. It also teaches them how to ‘return and report’ to their leaders of any progress they’ve made. Not only did it remind us of the Scouting Program, the same vocabulary used in their temple endowment ceremonies.

No doubt you noticed it said nothing on how to study the Bible, or learning more about Jesus…

Now for the topic at hand! Here’s what they had to say about the importance of Virtue(more…)

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