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Journal of Discourses 12:121 “…this class of men are now seeking to denude the Constitution of the United States of all its protective and saving powers.

Why all this? They killed the Prophet. The mob that collected at Carthage, Illinois, to commit that deed of blood contained a delegation representing every State in the Union. Each has received its blood stain. … …said they, “we will not hearken to the counsels of this man;” for, like the Jews of old, they were afraid if they let him live he would take away their place and nation. … If they had hearkened to the counsel of Joseph Smith, this nation would have had no wars; there would have been no division in the Government, but it would have gone on in harmony and prosperity…” – Brigham Young, Toole City, August 17, 1867 (more…)

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Brigham YoungToday we’re looking at a speech given by Brigham Young in 1852 to a joint session of Legislature on the topic of slavery, racism, and Brigham’s idea of how God looks at black people.

In the future we’ll be adding to a new category here on the site and blog where we’ll be listing other controversial speeches Brigham Young made during his tenure in Utah.

It won’t take long before you realize just how jaded this man’s thoughts were. Apparently he’d never read Galatians 3:28!

‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.’


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