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 1 Thessalonians 4:8 “He therefore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, who hath also given unto us his holy Spirit.”

mailbagOur Bible verse today is the one of the reasons for this ministry. The good Lord has always been able to lovingly remind me of what He saved me from by working for Him and the world of Mormonism.

The e-mails today are actually some of the comments we receive on our blog and website. If/when you might have a few moments we could really use the help of our dear Christian friends in responding to all those who write to us! The website gets a lot of traffic, and the blog gets its fair share, but not nearly the amount the website does.

The main thing we’re asking for is prayer! Please, pray for the Mormons who write in won’t you? More times than not, there’s a lot of anger going on in their hearts and as you’ll see in what we’ve included here, today’s no different.

Also pray for us here at LAM!  We’re becoming pretty busy with the comments, articles, e-mails and phone calls so we could use prayer. I’ll always be convinced the Lord hears us when we pray and provides!

Thanks so much my faithful friends!

PS: I have not changed any of the spelling or grammar in the notes.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18


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Mormon ChannelRecently the Mormon Chanel has been posting Yoga on their social networks. For some odd reason I was surprised that Mormons are into this type of spiritualism. Yet according to a Pew Research Study 27% of Mormons believe in this spiritual practice.


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Mormon Decisions 10Ensign, News of the Church, ‘Apostle Offers Counsel about Social Media,’ January 2015; “Beginning at this place on this day, I exhort you to sweep the earth with messages filled with righteousness anddavid-a-bednar truth, messages that are authentic, edifying, and praiseworthy, and literally to sweep the earth as with a flood,” Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said during an address at Education Week at Brigham Young University on August 19, 2014…

We should not exaggerate, embellish, or pretend to be someone, or something we are not. Our content should be trustworthy and constructive… Our messages should seek to edify and uplift, rather than to argue, debate, condemn, or belittle.” – David A. Bednar


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March Witnessing Tip of the DayMarch 6 –The first time the followers of Jesus were called Christians is recorded in Acts 11:26b; “And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.”


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Mormon Decisions 10Doctrines of Salvation 2:15; “NOT HALF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS TO BE SAVED. Those who receive the fulness will be privileged to view the face of our Father. There will not be such an overwhelming number of the Latter-day Saints who will get there. President Francis M. Lyman many times has declared, and he had reason to declare, I believe, that if we save one-half of the Latter-day Saints, that is, with an exaltation in the celestial kingdom of God, we will be doing well. Not that the Lord is partial, not that he will draw the line as some will say, to keep people out. He would have every one of us go in if we would; but there are laws and ordinances that we must keep; if we do not observe the law we cannot enter.

Many come into the Church, like fish that are gathered into the net, that have to be sorted and thrown out again or put into piles where they belong. And so it will be with us.” – Joseph Fielding Smith


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Utah Hindu FestThe longer I study Mormonism the less shocked I am about things that go on in this religion and its home base of Utah.  The other thing I’m sure of is that my grandmother and her fourteen siblings are probably rolling in their graves over this one – the majority of those siblings lived most of their lives in Spanish Fork.


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stickman thinking 3The other day I was watching a television show called “What Would You Do?” hosted by John Quiñones.  The show is set up with actors playing out a variety of scenarios to see what the reaction would be of the average person watching things transpire.

This particular episode was about a couple of young kids who were drunk and getting into their vehicle to drive home.  The show works alongside the police so they already know what’s happening if or when anyone should call to report the would be drunk drivers and after a few minutes the cameras roll in with the host letting the good Samaritan in on the secret.


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What? Are you kidding me?  That was my first reaction when I read the headlines screaming across the page I read in the Salt Lake Trib

As we write articles and share the gospel online and elsewhere this is one of the reasons we do what we do at LAM.

The body of Christ needs to wake up and pay attention.  I’m not sure who it was that cast the final vote for the status of “National Bible City”, but we’re on our knees they’ll rescind their generous gift.


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LAM LogoAs I was sorting through the e-mails on our website at LifeAfter.org and those I received via my inbox I came across a set of posts from one person on our site I wanted to share with y’all over here on the blog.


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Glenn Beck and Liberty University

 Psalm 1:1;Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

 Ephesians 5:11;And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.


      Here we go.  When you Google or Bing the name Glenn Beck and Liberty University what do you get?  A cultist giving advice to newly graduated Christian students; some of which probably have a degree in theology.  There are a number of things wrong with this scenario, but let’s begin with the mistaken theory Mormons have the same social values that Christians do.


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Jesus is the Only Way

By Melissa Grimes

      I recently come upon this quote by Gordon B. Hinckley:

 “Just as our Redeemer gave His life as a vicarious sacrifice for all men, and in so doing became our Savior, even so we, in a small measure, when we engage in proxy work in the temple, become as saviors to those on the other side who have no means of advancing unless something is done in their behalf by those on earth” (“Closing Remarks,” Ensign, November 2004, 105).

     The idea that we have the power to save someone, in the eternal sense is blasphemy. We don’t have the power to do that, only Jesus does. You don’t need someone to do Masonic temple rituals for you in the LDS temple.


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Jesus; Did He Claim to be God?

 Mormons hold to the faith that Jesus is not God.  Mormons believe that God came down from the heavens one evening, and being an exalted man, had sex with Mary so she could conceive Jesus (Mormon Doctrine of Deity, pg. 264).


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March 14 – Ex. 3:14, John 8:58; “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM”.  “Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am”.


What an amazing set of scriptures to give to a Mormon!  Ask them why they think the Pharisees were so angry with Jesus after reading these two verses to them.  Then share their own scriptures with them and ask them what it means.


Introductory page of the Book of Mormon, 2nd paragraph:  “JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE ETERNAL GOD”.

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PBS and The Mormons

      PBS aired a four hour documentary on the LDS Church on April 30th and May 1st. They will rebroadcast each two hour segment throughout the week so there are a variety of times that you can record it.   Or you can also order a copy of the special directly from PBS for about $25 and PBS has it on their site to watch it online.  I highly encourage everyone to see how this organization took root and expanded.  The majority of those (probably 70%) interviewed are active LDS.  For me it was really sad to watch the looks on the faces of those interviewed while explaining away the controversial issues the Church has faced in the 180 years of its life. 

     While I admire that the producer didn’t candy-coat the truth about polygamy or the Mountain Meadows Massacre, she also didn’t go into any detail as to why Smith had chosen to practice polygamy or why the members still believe that polygamy and godhood are synonymous with salvation.  The mainstream LDS Church may not be practicing it in the physical realm, but in the temple and spiritually speaking, they are still heavily engaged in this theology.

     One descendant of the polygamous clans (now mainstream LDS) shared an excerpt from her great-great-great grandmother’s diary.  In it she (grandma) said how horrible it had been when the grandfather came home one day to announce the bishop had commanded him to take another wife.  The couple had been married for quite some time by then and had several children.  The new wife was 16 years old and was the grandmother of the woman being interviewed.  Her diary held the story of how the other wives felt when their own feelings and pride had to be extinguished for the “sake of the gospel”.  When modern-day polygamist women were interviewed for the show, they were dealing with the same feelings of jealousy, envy, strife and loneliness.  Funny how some things never change just as Solomon wrote in Ecc. 1:9-10; “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.  Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.”

     The fundamental Mormons claim they are the true Mormons and I have to say I agree with them.  I don’t approve of, nor do I condone, their behavior or doxology, however they are indeed practicing real Mormonism.  The documentary played a clip of President Hinckley stating those who are practicing polygamy are not fundamental Mormons.  He said the press and everyone else needs to stop referring to them as such.  And isn’t it “funny” how those things haven’t changed either; ordering people (even the “outsiders”) to do as he says.

     I’m praying the documentary enlightens the public at large to the fallacies of the type of Christianity the Mormon Church is trying to push.  They obviously made it clear enough that their brand of Christianity isn’t the same as the Judeo-Christian type.  Many of the people who have e-mailed us in response to it have voiced the same thing.

     The main points that I pray will get through to the Mormon people aren’t filled with rocket science grade theology.  In fact the topics and questions are quite simplistic in nature.

Why did the god of Mormonism change his mind in regards to polygamy?  If this was really from God, wouldn’t or better yet couldn’t He have made it possible to stay legal?

 Why did the Mormon god change His mind about the blacks and the priesthood in 1978?

 When a person that is ex-communicated or resigns from the Church loses all their blessings from their baptism, what happens to the dead people they were baptized for; do they lose their blessings as well?

     Jesus tells us to be in the world not of it, therefore we are to be separated from those who carouse around and openly defy the Lord.  However, being separated from the rest of the body of Christ is even more remote and not biblical. 

 Have you ever wondered why everyone from the beginning of Christianity believes in the same spiritual laws except the LDS Church?

      Although the documentary didn’t mention the entire turn of events on the day Joseph Smith was shot and killed I think it’s important that we take a look at the sequence of events on that fateful day in history.  It says in History of the Church documents that Smith shot and killed two people himself before dying.  History of the Church 6:617-619.  According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of a martyr is: 

 “one who voluntarily suffers death for the sake of a cause”.  They define the word “voluntarily” as: “having power of free choice, proceeding from the will or from one’s own choice or consent…”

      Now let’s take that event and compare it with what Joseph said about himself and what Isaiah prophesied about Jesus 700 years before the Savior’s birth.

 Joseph:  “Like a Lamb to the Slaughter

Henry G. Sherwood went up to Joseph and said, “Brother Joseph, shall I return to Nauvoo and regulate about getting the arms and get the receipts for them?” Joseph inquired if he was under arrest, or expected to be arrested. Sherwood answered “No,” when Joseph directed him to return ahead of the company, gather the arms and do as well as he could in all things. Joseph then said to the company who were with him, “I am going like a lamb to the slaughter, but I am calm as a summer’s morning. I have a conscience void of offense toward God and toward all men. If they take my life I shall die an innocent man, and my blood shall cry from the ground for vengeance, and it shall be said of me, ‘He was murdered in cold blood!'” He then said to Father Sherwood, “Go, and God bless you.” Sherwood then rode as swiftly as he could to Nauvoo. (June 24, 1844.)   —DHC 6:554-555.

 Bible:  Isaiah – Chapter 53:4-9; “4 ¶ Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.  5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.  6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.  7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.  8 He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.  9 And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.”

      As you can see there is a great disparity between the two examples with just enough plagiarisms to confuse the members.  Jesus was trampled, pummeled, spit upon, beaten, flogged, degraded, and crucified, yet He said not a word.  He was the true Lamb of God that was taken to slaughter; yet He was not worthy of the crime; His blood never cries out to those who have put themselves in His place. 

     Shame on Mr. Smith, for he says that his blood will surely cry out for vengeance.  The word of God commands that we are not to seek out vengeance, for it belongs to Him alone.  Smith was indeed guilty of the crimes he was charged with!  While I don’t think he was given a fair day in court, he also wasn’t what he claimed to be and that was innocent!

     I encourage and challenge the Mormon that reads this to verify the documentation that is given here and also from the documentary if you watched it.  There is no sin in making sure you’re making the right decision and certainly there is no shame in it either my friend.  Know that we’re praying for all Mormons and hope they do find the truth!

 With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim  …

1 Cor. 1:18

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Passion of the Christ and Mormons


Mormons stay away from Passion because of ‘R’ rating
In what is just another example of how Mormons are under the law, Mormons stayed away from theaters for the Passion of the Christ so they would not be seen at an R-rated movie.  In spite of what Mormons think, in reality, Mel Gibson probably did not go far enough in his depiction of Christ’s suffering. 

One has to wonder if the story was about Joseph Smith’s death, would the church care as much about these arbitrary ratings? Does the church care about appearances to a worldly rating system more than sharing in the suffering of their “Lord”? 

In a word, yes!

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December 25 – Matthew 1:21; “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”


Yesterday we saw that the Mormons believe Jesus was born in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem and Bethlehem are not suburbs of each other.  The Mormon will try to tell you otherwise, so don’t be fooled my friend!  Find at least five other names of Jesus and share them with their meanings to the Mormon in your life.  This will be the best Christmas gift they’ll ever receive!  

There’s not a Mormon alive who doesn’t believe they are the ones that save the non-Mormon. 

 Thus, baptizing for the dead, as well as their extensive missionary programs.


“Let us Latter-day Saints, called to be saviors of men called to be saviors of the world, called to be saviors to introduce that which will save mankind and bring them up from their lowest state into a condition where they will be fit to hold converse with Deity. . . . (CR, April 1918, pp. 16, 18, 22.)”  Roy W. Doxey, comp., Latter-day Prophets and the Doctrine and Covenants, 3: 407.

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November 19 – Ephesians 4:5; “One Lord, one faith, one baptism.”


The scripture above is just one example of how many times we need to be baptized.  Paul actually admonishes the new believers in Corinth to stop practicing the pagan ritual of baptisms for the dead in his first epistle to them.  (1 Corinthians 15:29) They were confused about this ordinance of when and whom should be baptized so they were baptizing  everyone, dead or alive. 

Strangely enough, they didn’t believe in the resurrection and that is where Paul comes in with his admonition and question.  Why are you being baptized for dead people when you don’t believe they’ll rise from the dead anyway?  Remember, the theme in 1 Corinthians chapter fifteen is Paul giving a dissertation for the defense of Jesus’ resurrection.

  Jesus gave us two ordinances to observe; baptism and partaking in communion. In obedience you are doing what he says to do – be baptized.  You are publicly being set apart and declaring you are a follower of Jesus.

Being dunked down into the water symbolizes you are dead to sin.  Being raised out of the water symbolizes your new life in Christ. 

It also serves as a sign for people that after you die and are buried, you will be resurrected to live eternally in the presence of God.

According to the Mormon Church though, Jesus’ teachings are never enough – there always has to be something else to sooth the mind of its founder Joseph Smith and to keep the adherents too busy to study out the truth for themselves. 

Number of people we can save?  Zero. 

Only Jesus can save someone and you spending extra time in a baptismal font serves no purpose other than making your skin wrinkly and keeping your focus off of the true Redeemer.


Doctrine and Covenants 128:18; “…It is sufficient to know, in this case, that the earth will be smitten with a curse unless there is a welding link of some kind or other between the fathers and the children, upon some subject or other—and behold what is that subject? It is the baptism for the dead. For we without them cannot be made perfect; neither can they without us be made perfect. Neither can they nor we be made perfect without those who have died in the gospel also; for it is necessary in the ushering in of the dispensation of the fulness of times…”

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The Salt Lake Tribune published an interesting article yesterday about the public image of the LDS Church.  They reported at the Mormon Media Studies held at BYU this week, Professor Terryl Givens (a Mormon) from the University of Richmond in Virgina made a very enlightening comment on how the Church is not being taken seriously in a theological sense. 

According to the article from the Salt Lake Trib in a 2007 survey, Mormons were ranked amongst the “least liked faiths” along with the Buddhists and Muslims.

Professor Givens told his audience that he had broken the history of the Church down to three eras.  The beginning stages, the polygamy era and when the Church began going mainstream in American society.  He said one of the main problems with the image of the Church is how they’ve presented themselves.  Are they separate or are they mainstream Christian?  “Mormons”, he said, “are still characterized by that kind of schizophrenia”.  He said you could see Smith’s going back and forth with the Articles of Faith.


For those of us in ministry the issue is simple.  It comes down to the doctrines of Christianity and the doctrines of Mormonism.  The Book of Mormon is either a fraud or it’s from the mouth of God Himself.  (As a side note, interestingly enough, the topic for the Capstone Conference being held at the Salt Palace in March 2011 will be on the Book of Mormon.)

For me it all goes back to what was going on in Jerusalem in 600 BC.  When you look at the historical evidence it would be impossible to accept the Book of Mormon as truth and still hold onto a Judeo-Christian faith.

As a simple example, did you know the scrolls were kept in a certain section of the temple?  The temple was separated into three sections or areas, if you will.  If Nephi and his brothers really went  back into Jerusalem to retrieve “the writings of their fathers” they would have to go through more than just one “guard” to get what they wanted.

The scrolls were held in a vaulted chamber (known as the Chamber of Hewn Stone) within the temple from where the Great Assembly presided and ruled.  Getting to the temple to retrieve any scrolls or letters would’ve been more of an ordeal than going through one person.  Before you get to the temple itself  you must also go through the sentinel house where you would go to be cleansed before you could get close to the temple. There are many other details as you can imagine.  The Book of Mormon and the Bible are so vastly different there’s no way the story from Joseph Smith is plausible.

I agree with Professor Givens, the Church is always playing a defensive game of catch-up.  But the bottom line is this.  The Mormon Church doesn’t talk about the Bible or the details of Jesus.  This is a sign there’s something wrong.  Christianity on the other hand, goes into minute detail about Him and can give explicit descriptions of the who, what, where, when, why and how.  When the Church tries to do the same thing,  their focus is always upon their church, not God.

 Christians are duty bound to expose lies and tell the truth.  The professor’s insight on how the Church has allowed outside influences to determine the legitmacy of the Church is spot on.   When you have to keep changing your story there’s something amiss.  We’re always praying those in the Mormon Church will reject the claims of Joseph Smith and accept the true teachings of the real Jesus of the Bible.

At the end of the article the Trib quoted Mr. Givens as saying; “”Pratt’s attitude seemed to be Christendom was a ship about to sink and Mormonism had the lifeboats,” Givens said. Pratt resisted the impulse of most Mormons to head back to the foundering ship. “Where Mormonism will steer its boat in the 21st century is not yet clear.””

This is an prime example of the problem in Mormonism.  Not sure where you’re going, not sure how you’re getting there and not sure what will happen once you get to where you’re going.  How very sad to live a life like that.

Christianity has and always will be the same.  There’s no such things as a “floundering ship” and nothing about man being deified.  Matthew 16:18.

Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18

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Jacob 4:5; “Behold, they believed in Christ and worshiped the Father in his name, and also we worship the Father in his name. And for this intent we keep the law of Moses, it pointing our souls to him; and for this cause it is sanctified unto us for righteousness, even as it was accounted unto Abraham…” – 544 BC

If someone were to ask me why I feel so compelled to do this work, the above verse from the Book of Mormon would be my answer why.  This particular section of this booklet has my mind thinking of nothing but my mother.

She called me one day and her distressed voice captured my immediate attention.  She has been an active member of the LDS Church her entire life, yet never being quite worthy enough to earn the coveted temple recommend.  On this particular day I think she just needed a safe place to vent her frustrations with the Relief Society.

She had called the president of the Relief Society to let her know that she wouldn’t be able to provide the cookies for the meeting the next evening.  My nieces weren’t feeling well (they live with her), she wasn’t feeling well and she had just enough energy to make the call.  The president told her that she still had plenty of time to get the cookies together and she would do my mother the favor of picking them up on her way to the meeting.  She also reminded my mother how they had never had store bought cookies at their meetings.  True story!

After venting for quite some time I asked her what she was going to do and she said that she should at least go buy some chocolate chip cookies and put them in a nice serving basket.  I asked her if she really thought Jesus was more concerned about cookies for a meeting or for her physical well-being.  By the end of the conversation she hung up while being mad at my question.  I personally believe the Relief Society president had a dual problem, alas that’s for another booklet!

It’s obvious the leaders of the LDS Church have not shown its members what it means to “keep the law of Moses” or what it means to believe in Christ.  The verse from the book of Jacob makes about as much sense as the following sentence:  “I’ll be driving my car while I walk to work tomorrow”.  You can’t do both at the same time, so which mode of transportation are you going to use to get to work?

It’s much the same with our salvation.  We can live our lives believing that we want to go to heaven with the attitude of being self-sufficient.  Or, we can die to self and accept God’s precious Son as our only way to heaven.  Because of the enormity of this subject I am going to be spending a bit of time here.  Be sure to share that free salvation doesn’t give us license to do evil things and explain that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t allow us to do those things anyway because of 2 Cor. 5:17!

In addition to my examples I highly encourage the mentor to come alongside the ex-Mormon and ask him/her what ordinances were most important to them while in the Church.  The reason for this is to show them how to transfer their spiritual allegiance to Jesus fully, instead of believing in Jesus and still thinking they need to work.

Using the example of that ordinance, go to your concordance and look up the

transliterations for it, and the verses where they’re located to get a full understanding of what this ordinance really means.  Next, look for the same subject in the New Testament showing why performing this ordinance isn’t necessary because of Jesus’ work to fulfill it!

Always remember that every single thing the Mormon believes and knows about God, Jesus, and salvation is a lie.  Joseph Smith has tricked the members into believing everything he said or taught.  They are so devoted to the Church they would give their very lives, literally, so don’t be surprised at the amount of energy they would be willing to give for “works”.

The Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 1032, says this about ordinances and salvation:

Latter-day scriptures give ample evidence that God has established unchangeable, eternal ordinances as essential elements of the Plan of Salvation and redemption (Isa. 24.5; Mal. 3:7; Alma 13:16; D&C 124:38)…”

Go through each of the following LDS verses with the person you’re mentoring, making a point to take note of the biblical verses in context to understand the meaning.  For instance in Malachi God told the people to return to Him even after they had been cheating Him in the tithe offerings and had an “I don’t care about you God” attitude.  Show them using biblical scripture this type of an example – God just loves us and wants us back.  Yes, we need to obey, but when we are alive in Christ it’s hard to stay away from Him and paying money to the “scribes” of Mormonism isn’t the way to God!

A biblical example of the necessity of ordinances can be found in the Lord’s statement to Nicodemus that one must “be born again” (John 3:3). The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that “being born again comes by the spirit of God through ordinances” (TPJS, p. 162). The process of salvation is experienced as a “mighty change in your hearts” (Alma 5:14) under the guidance and assistance of the Spirit of God through keeping the divine ordinances…One is fully accepted of God and is “of God” if, and only if, she or “he obey mine ordinances” (D&C 52:14-19)…”

1.  What is John 3:3 really saying when read in context.  ______


Smith went on to tell the audience more about the necessity of ordinances; from the same page of Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 1032):

Ordinances, in the sense of rituals and ceremonies, embrace the entire mortal life of God’s sons and daughters and are performed by the Lord’s authorized representatives…”

2.  What does Isaiah 64:6 say?  ___________________________


This is a good time to stop and do a word study!  What is the Hebrew meaning of the term “filthy rags”?



In other words for the members of the LDS faith, it’s going to keep being this way until the day you die and there’s more of it after you get to “heaven”.  There are countless verses in the New Testament giving us instructions on what it takes to get saved.  I cannot emphasize enough that you must deal with this part of mentoring from the way you live your own life.

To make sure that I’ve given the LDS perspective its fair share of verses from their writings here’s just one more, this time from the Book of Mormon.  In 2 Nephi 25:23 it says;

For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.”

In sharp contrast God, Jesus, the prophets, the disciples and others have told us throughout the sixty-six books of the Bible that the Mormon verse above would be considered blasphemy.  Not to mention that it sounds too familiar to what Paul had written 2,000 years earlier in Ephesians 2:8-9;

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

The “slight variation” was a little addendum of Smith’s at the end of the original writing, thus totally negating the grace aspect of our salvation.

3.  According to the apostle Paul, what happens to the significance of Christ’s death when we trust in works?  Gal. 2:19-21.  ____________________________________________________



© 2010 Life After Ministries, Inc.

Link to Chapter 13

Chapter 13. Assurance of Our Salvation


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     Writing about this subject is so intimidating to me that I put it as the last section to complete.  I know I’m not articulate enough to convey the true essence of its importance even though in my mind it’s all worked out, coming off my tongue is quite another matter!  Sometimes I take the easy way out and just pray Isaiah 40:8 for the Mormons; asking the Lord to “just fix their thoughts” and make them know the truth of that verse!

Wouldn’t it be great if it was always that easy?  This is why I am always amazed at how our God supplies for us and this is one of the times that I’m beyond grateful that He laid it on the hearts of intelligent people to write books and papers about the authenticity of the Bible and its validity.

As a Mormon I was never encouraged to study factual information about the Bible, thus my great mistrust of its validity.  Below are some basic facts of the Bible that would be beneficial for the ex-Mormon to hear.

I believe the most interesting fact I learned about the Bible is that it was God-breathed, “theopneustos”.  2 Tim. 3:16.  By the power of the Holy Spirit the words were written down on papyri while God used each individual’s personality and writing style to give mankind His Law and reveal Himself to us.

The Bible is a compilation of 66 books, written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  It was written by more than forty authors in three continents over the span of more than 1,500 years. It is by far the most read book in the history of mankind.

There are 333 prophecies in the Bible, 48 of which are in Isaiah chapter 53 alone!  The odds of all those prophecies coming to fruition are staggering, yet that’s exactly what God did!  Fulfilling just 48 of 61 of the prophecies concerning Jesus are 1 in 10157.

The Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in 1947 by a Qumran shepherd boy taught the scholars that no changes were necessary to the KJV Bible.  The Bible is 99.9% textually pure.  (Depending on the source, this figure ranges anywhere from 95% to 99.9%; I use the 99.9% figure based on the largest consensus of experts that I’m familiar with).  The remaining .01% has no affect on the doctrine.  Share with the ex-Mormon the method by which the scribes adhered to when copying the texts.

The original texts were hand written either by the author’s own hand or by a scribe under their supervision.  The markings or letters are known as jots and tittles.  If even one of these were written down incorrectly the entire page would be torn up and thrown away (usually burned) and they would have to begin all over again.  It was an incredibly tedious work!  Pastor Floyd McElveen wrote;

 “More than 25,000 sites have been excavated verifying the existence of cities, kings, kingdoms events, officials, etc., proving the historicity and incredible accuracy of thousands of Biblical references.  Archaeologist Nelson Glueck has said, “It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference.”” (Evidence You Never Knew Existed, pg. 8).

      The link below contains fantastic information on the Bible.  I highly encourage you to go to this site or any others that you may know about and share them with the one you are mentoring.  They need to know, they deserve to know and they will be more than shocked to know the truth!


      The list of reasons why the Mormons don’t believe the Bible to be trustworthy is exhaustive.  Joseph Smith spent an extraordinary amount of time berating the Bible and everyone who had ever used it or helped write it.  No one was worthy enough to escape his tirades of scathing remarks and “prophetic” utterances of disdain towards God’s word.  Listed below are just a few examples of his and other LDS leader’s heretical comments.  Also notice the way their teachings vary, thus keeping the Mormon confused.


2 Nephi 9:16; “And assuredly, as the Lord liveth, for the Lord God hath spoken it, and it is his eternal word, which cannot pass away, that they who are righteous shall be righteous still, and they who are filthy shall be filthy still; wherefore, they who are filthy are the devil and his angels; and they shall go away into everlasting fire, prepared for them; and their torment is as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flame ascendeth up forever and ever and has no end.”  Also see 1 Nephi 13:23-4.

Articles of Faith, pg. 214; “The historical and other data upon which is based the current Christian faith as to the genuineness of the Biblical record are accepted as unreservedly by the Latter-day Saints as by the members of any sect; and in literalness of interpretation this Church probably excels.”


“A fundamental operating principle of “revealed” religions is that all truth cannot be completely discovered through human reason alone. Without God’s aid, no one can obtain the vital data, proper perspectives, and interpretive keys for knowing him (see Reason and Revelation). Because Latter-day Saints believe that their religion is revealed through living prophets of God, they subordinate human reason to revealed truth.”  Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 112.

A Bible!  A Bible! Pg. 13 says; Of course Joseph Smith also stated that the Bible had not been preserved in its original purity: “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly” (A of F 1:8). The word translated as it is used here must be understood to include the idea of transmission. That is, error has occurred not only in the translation from one language to another but also in the transcription of the text from manuscript to manuscript, even in the same language. The Bible has apparently suffered mostly from omissions….”

The rest of this chapter is a contribution given to us by Pastor Elbert Sorrell from Alexandria, Ohio.

 “…The missionary looked at me on one occasion during the evening, apparently upset with my continual use of the Bible and said that he didn’t care what I would show him in “that book.” No matter what verses I used to answer questions or respond to them as we discussed the matters at hand, I was wrong…”

      The Bible is only accepted as truth in the mind of an average Mormon in a very limited, qualifying way.  The reason this is so is because of the claims that Joseph Smith made in his early written works circa 1830.  Today you can find this rock solid belief in their testaments of faith (Articles of Faith) posted at the end of the Pearl of Great Price.  The list of their standard works of scripture made it to number eight of their thirteen testaments.  (1)

Smith arbitrarily took out and left alone what he deemed worthy of notice and believability for his devoted followers.  He convinced people that the Bible was indeed the “word of God as far as it is translated correctly”; however when any member of the Church is questioned about their belief in the Bible you will be met with an air of hesitancy as their demeanor changes into a defensive mode.  They claim there have been many “plain and precious truths” taken away from the Bible (this goes for their beloved KJV) and they won’t be able to provide which parts have been mistranslated or taken away.  Smith convinced his believers the Bible is shot full of holes and is the one of the causes of the “Great Apostasy” which is why God needed Smith to “restore the One and Only True Church”.  (2)

In my experience as a missionary we often used the Bible as a “backup” to give other doctrines in Mormonism validity as we taught them. We were often taught by our mission president to, “go from the known to the unknown” in teaching an investigator. We were to teach what was alike in our doctrine first and then the doctrines that were peculiar to Mormonism could be elaborated on more easily.

Another tactic is for them to try to use the Bible to show the disunity among the various denominations. This is something that is done quite frequently by most Mormons. For the purpose of this section let me say that your job as a mentor is to get the Mormon or ex-Mormon to see the validity of the Bible and not to become sidetracked by another issue.  Also, do not get caught up in the trap of trying to defend a particular denomination. The purpose is to develop within those you are mentoring, an ability for them to use the Bible as their guide and not a particular church or group as their guide to the Bible.

After coming out of Mormonism in 1985 I was dealing one day with a Mormon missionary that was in my home and each time we dealt with a specific topic it was my habit (a good one I continue to use) to go to the Bible to verify the truth of what I was saying. The missionary looked at me on one occasion during the evening, apparently upset with my continual use of the Bible and said that he didn’t care what I would show him in “that book.” No matter what verses I used to answer questions or respond to them as we discussed the matters at hand, I was wrong.  In dealing with this subject a little basic information could be helpful.

      Remember that your aim is not to show them how much you know, but to impart truth in a way that is understandable to them.

      A famous theologian is reported to have said that on the occasions that he was permitted to preach the Word of God that he often had people of various stations in the congregation. Amongst his listening audience you would find the rich, poor, learned and illiterate, nobles and commoners.  When he preached he would attempt to reach out to those of the lowest station of society and that if he was successful in doing that, he knew that he would also reach the nobles. The Bible has come down to us through the centuries from its original form to the translations that we have today.

The original writings (those of the OT prophets, NT apostles and others who wrote the New Testament like Mark and Luke) are what are commonly called the autographs.  These original writings are no longer with us today.

      We do have what are referred to as manuscripts; which are copies of those originals. Many of those copies exist today and are what is used to make translations of the Bible in various languages. Needless to say, some of the manuscripts that are used are more complete or accurate than others. And while there are those that are more complete than others, there is nothing to lend to the idea that we do not have the complete Word of God for us today.

You could ask the question of your students; “Do you believe God could give us His Word perfectly through the Biblical writers?” If they answer yes then ask the following question; “If God is able to do that then don’t you think He also would have the power to preserve His Word to us today?”  By now you’ve probably seen some resistance being put up by the one you’re mentoring in regards to the truths you are presenting to them.  This is totally normal as well as expected so don’t panic!  They have just spent an extraordinary amount of time allowing lies to be placed against their soul and they took each one of them in as truth.  They don’t doubt you per se; they doubt everything and everyone that comes into their path and this includes themselves.

Remember this isn’t about flesh and blood as Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:11; this is about the powers and principalities of the air.  Your job is to continue laying the foundation of truth for them.  Again, this is where prayer and perseverance on your part comes into play.

The subject of various versions or translations may come up from those you are mentoring as you approach the subject of the Bible. This is an area you need to be cautious in. Even though Joseph Smith did attempt a new translation of the Bible, it is not used in its entirety by the LDS church today. Unlike other cults today that has their own “translations” of the Bible, you are at an advantage with the ex-Mormon on this area because the King James Version is a reliable and beautiful translation. Rather than trying to get them to switch to another version, I would encourage YOU as a mentor to stay with the KJV in your mentoring for a few reasons:

1 – Accuracy of the language. Many things could be added here, but let it simply suffice to say the KJV is an accurate translation that can be trusted. Those you are mentoring need to have that security.

2 – Beauty of the language it is written in.

3 – Familiarity of the Mormon with it. You have enough to deal with as it is without having to contend with the issue of getting your students to acquaint themselves with a new translation of the Bible. It will also be easier for you to show how the Mormon Church has tampered with the Bible and twisted its meaning by using the KJV since this is the version they have historically twisted.

When they begin to see how their own church has twisted Scripture and lifted it out of context, while at the same time accusing various denominations of doing it, this could (and probably will) come as quite a shock to them.

You also have a wonderful opportunity here to share with the ex-Mormon or Mormon the fact that there have been Christians down through time that has given their very lives to give us the Bible in our own language. John Wycliffe in 1380 translated the NT and in 1382 translated the OT from Latin to English.  William Tyndale translated the NT from Greek to English around 1524; Miles Coverdale and Thomas Matthews are also two men who undertook this noble task that are well known to those of us in the Church of Jesus Christ.  These men, along with many others saw a need for the common man to have the Bible and in so doing; many were executed for their efforts.

Persecution was the order of the day simply because they loved the Word of God and loved the people they knew that needed the Word of God.  It wasn’t enough they had it; they wanted others to have it as well. These people (just like those you are mentoring) went against the grain of a corrupt religious system and organization that did not want them to know the truth or tell it to others and yet at great personal cost to them in numerous ways, pressed on because they saw the reality of what the consequences were. This is another proof of the fact that the church of Jesus Christ was alive and well, even in those darkest and most difficult times, when the LDS church was yet to come into existence.



1 – Articles of Faith 1:8; “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.”

2 – Doctrines of Salvation 3:190; “We are informed in the Book of Mormon that the Hebrew scriptures went “forth from the Jews in purity unto the Gentiles, according to the truth which is in God,” and after they went forth from the Jews many changes were made, and “many parts which are plain and most precious; and also many covenants of the Lord have they taken away.””

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Chapter 8. The Truth about the Triple Combination

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