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April 18 – Heb. 9:27; “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”.


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2008 Vital Report

 Utah’s Legacy

 Before I sent this off to be published I wanted to add a few words, especially for the members of the LDS Church.

You know, as we live this life on earth we learn and grow while encountering things we never thought of before.  Years ago I went about making sure that I brought children into this world because I was convinced it’d get me into heaven.  Now of course I’ve learned this doctrine isn’t true, but more importantly there was one other thing I didn’t think about when having all these kids.  That one thing was growing attached to and feeling compassion for the kids my own children would one day surround themselves with in life.


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March 20 – Ex. 12:9 says; “Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with water, but roast with fire, and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it”.


God was rather clear when He told the Israelites not to eat raw meat, but in the Book of Mormon this isn’t a problem with their god.  Ask them why this would be so.


1 Nephi 17:2;  “And so great were the blessings of the Lord upon us, that while we did live upon raw meat in the wilderness, our women did give plenty of suck for their children, and were strong, yea, even like unto the men; and they began to bear their journeyings without murmurings”.

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March 12 – John 16:17; “Even the Spirit of Truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you”.


Please show the Mormon the truth about the Holy Spirit.  He actually dwells inside of the believer!


“Now what is this other Comforter?  It is no more nor less than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself…that when any man obtains this last Comforter, he will have the personage of Jesus Christ to attend him, or appear unto him from time to time…”  Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg. 151.

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February 20 – Col. 2:13; “And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses”. 


In Mormonism, God does not forgive three sins.  They are blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, apostasy and murder.  With this in mind, isn’t it odd that God would choose Paul of all people to preach the gospel when he participated in Stephen’s martyrdom and then there’s David…


“A murderer, for instance, one that sheds innocent blood, cannot have forgiveness.  David sought repentance at the hand of God carefully with tears, for the murder of Uriah; but he could only get it through hell…Although David was a king, he never did obtain the spirit and power of Elijah and the fullness of the Priesthood…the throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days…”  Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg 339.

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October 1988

October 2006


     Late October 1988, Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was there, that a small group of people stood over a hole in the ground, watching as the tiny white casket which held its precious cargo was lowered into its final resting place.  The casket held a child of God that was serving a mission for the Lord and from the results of her funeral; many would come to know the saving power of Christ Jesus, His crucifixion and resurrection.

     Of course the baby’s parents felt as bad as they looked on that cold autumn morning and the baby’s grandparents, a couple of uncles and a cousin stood by to support her grief-stricken  mom and dad.  Nothing anyone could say would make it better as far as her mom was concerned and as the sound of the bishop’s voice droned on, the thoughts of the childless new mother was not at her daughter’s graveside. 

                Within the first five minutes of the eulogy that cold morning Mallory’s mom frantically searched her memory bank of the Jesus she had heard about in her travels over the past six years.  What very little she did know wasn’t even close to what that bishop was proclaiming. 

     At the end of the graveside service the wind picked up as everyone walked back to their vehicles and the heartbroken mom turned to catch one more glimpse of her baby’s casket.  The mom and dad drove home in stunned silence for most of the twenty minute drive back to the apartment.  Little things were spoken between the two; “she sure had a lot of black curly hair” and “her nose looked just like…”  What was there to be said?  There was no baby, no help, no hope, no God to reach to and find comfort.  The only thing she left that graveyard with was the bishop’s voice telling her that she would never see her baby again because they hadn’t been married in the temple.  God would give Mallory to another family who was worthy of her.  That’s when the visual made its appearance and the bishop’s voice began to serve as noise in the background. 

     When he said the words “she’ll be given to another couple who is worthy of her because they have been married in the temple…” her mind instantly pictured a massive white building with little to no windows; the temple.  On the other side of the picture there stood a cross with blood that had been dripping from its owner that made the dust that caught the blood Holy ground. 

     Back at the apartment the young woman walked in her little home to be greeted by her own mother.  As they changed clothes and began making lunch the debate that had been at the tips of everyone’s tongues broke loose.

     The younger mom said to the older mom; “…didn’t you hear what that guy said?  He told me that I was going to hell!”  The older mom shook her head and made a clicking noise with her tongue as she told her daughter that she had misunderstood the bishop.  The young, defiant woman knew differently; yet sadly enough neither she nor her husband even discussed the funeral until four years later.  However, for now the bishop’s quote of the Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith rang in her ears; “If parents are righteous, they will have their children after the resurrection. Little children who die, whose parents are not worthy of an exaltation, will be adopted into the families of those who are worthy.”

     How was that to be misunderstood?  It seemed rather dry and pretty straightforward to her.  She wanted God, but didn’t know how to go about “getting” Him as she was too intimidated to visit another church.  She also didn’t know that the Holy, Merciful God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would bless the couple with two more daughters within the next four years and the greatest gift of all; their salvation! 

     I never could have imagined that eighteen years later I would be praising a righteous Sovereign God for the gift of Mallory Elizabeth Grim and be involved in yet another debate.  This time it would be in a Seattle Christian radio station with my husband and of course who else, but a couple of Mormons?!

     The debate in that apartment has now lasted 18 years.  I’ve never counted how many times I’ve “debated” with my mother about that day so long ago.  She is just as convinced today that I misunderstood and I’m even more convinced I heard them correctly.  The divide is wide indeed, but Jesus warned us of these days.  He said there would be mothers against daughters and sons against fathers on account of His name. 

     It is almost surreal for me as I look back on that day in Vegas and think of what God has done for my family and for me too.  I never would have imagined that this is what I would be doing; yet now I cannot imagine not doing this work!  The debate at KGNW last week with Thor Tolo has blessed us beyond measure.  We can’t thank everyone enough for their prayers that went up for the event!  I’ve had people pray for me before when I speak or do a radio show, but in all honesty I have never experienced what I did this last week and the week prior to the taping of the show!  It was very obvious to those in the studio and to Kirk and me that God was present among us!

    I noticed the “misunderstandings” and topics between the debate last week and the debate 18 years ago were very similar.  They both contained the following subjects:  absence of the cross, no assurance of salvation and good works.  The most striking similarity was the emptiness in my heart while I wondered why; both then and now.  Why is it they won’t even stop to give it (the truth) the slightest of consideration?  What bad thing could it bring upon you to just consider the possibility that there may be some truth in what we (non-Mormons; Christians) proclaim?

     Mallory wasn’t the only “thing” I buried that day in 1988.  Before I got up from my chair at that gravesite I recall looking down into the grave and picturing myself placing my heritage down there as well.  I knew on that day my ignorant, misinformed perception of “my people” was over and done with. 

     One of the first things Thor asked me at the debate was to explain why I believe the Mormons are not Christians.  I told him the main reason is because of the cross.  In Mormonism there is no cross in the sense of it being the altar of God.  Once again, it’s about the cross, or rather the lack thereof.  The sign of the empty cross doesn’t just imply, but shouts out the good news of our salvation and resurrection!  On the flip side you see the Mormon parents at their child’s funeral.  All that is offered is the hope of going to the temple a year later to work for salvation of the child and the parent; no mention of a cross in that scenario.

     When Thor asked Stake President Burnham if he had assurance of his salvation, he replied; “Well now you’re testing my humility”.  Oh please.   I knew he wouldn’t be able to proclaim any good news of rest for his own soul, assurance that the Shepherd is always with him to lead, console and keep watch over His flock.  There is no hope when you are working all the time for your own life.  How are you rejuvenated, fed, rested and refreshed?  You can’t be if you are the one that is always in control.  It took me years to disencumber myself of the filthy robe of self-sufficiency.  I felt much like what the apostle Paul described in Romans chapter seven; “why do I do the things I don’t want to do but don’t do the things I want to do”?  The only way my life got into order is when I got off the merry-go-round of doing good works for my salvation.  Even to this day, how could I be sure if it (salvation) was based on my own worthiness?  This week and last week I’ve worked pretty hard.  Next week I might get distracted or maybe take it easy.  How do I justify myself in God’s eyes with this type of spiritual battle going on inside my soul?

     As mentioned earlier, we have been so blessed by seeing God at work in people’s lives.  It’s been nothing short of an honor to watch His grace flow to those around us!  We’re sending out this praise and prayer report so you can be blessed as well!  Continue to pray won’t you that those who are struggling with their decision to either join or leave the Church would be made through the will of the true God of the Bible?  And pray for us as we help the people in their decisions so that we would only be focused on Him and our reasons for doing this!

     Mr. Burnham e-mailed Kirk and me a couple of days after the debate to let us know that he had researched our claim about the false prophecy of Oliver Granger.  We’ll be posting that on the site this week.  He wanted us to be sure to let everyone know that indeed the prophecy did come true.  He (Burnham) found some letters that were written by Granger’s descendants describing their grandfather and what he had done for the Church.  As we stated on the show, it didn’t come to pass.  This brings us to a little project.  We’re asking everyone to let us know; have you ever heard of Oliver Granger?  We’ll be posting our findings on the site at the end of the month!

              You can download and listen to the debate by clicking on the links below. Each file is approximately 9 MB.  These take you to the website of KGNW and the Live From Seattle Show.

Hour 1:


Hour 2: http://boss.streamos.com/download/swn/miscellaneous/kgnw/lfs_special_hour_2.mp3

Hour 3: http://boss.streamos.com/download/swn/miscellaneous/kgnw/lfs_special_hour_3.mp3

Praise!  We cannot give too many details for privacy reasons, however, someone here in the Puget Sound Community, ex-Mormon, accepted the true Lord Jesus into “their” heart as Lord and Savior because of the debate!  All we can say is “Praise God!” 

We’ve been in touch several times with a very nice lady who listened to KGNW the Monday after the show (Thor actually had me do the program w/ him impromptu).  I was able to pray for a woman whose daughter is thinking of joining the Church.  Daughter’s name is Lauren, 18, freshman at University of Washington.  Lauren needs to be introduced to good Christian kids on campus. 

I (Michelle) received several e-mails from members of the Church who believe that I am totally wrong about my claims in regards to the lack of the cross and want for me to issue a public apology for my statements on KGNW.  My answer…no. 

Praise!  An ex-Mormon Christian listening to the debate wrote in to volunteer to help us at the ministry!

Praise!   We have a volunteer for translating our tracts from English into Spanish!  Because the Lord provided so quickly and abundantly on this I’m going to be confident in asking my next request!  If you speak a language other than English or Spanish and would like to see tracts printed in that language and would be willing to translate them for us, let us know!  

Praise!  We received many requests for mentoring packets.  The new outlines are going to print this week, if you’re interested in an expanded, updated version (80 pgs.), don’t forget to send an e-mail to michelle@lifeafter.org to let me know!  We’re requesting $3.00 for s+h for postage. 

Prayer and Praise!  A 40+ year old mentally disabled man contacted Life After about a week before the debate.  He was a convert in the LDS Church and was active for approximately seven years.  He felt the Lord tell him two months ago to leave the Church because they weren’t Christian.  Ironically enough, Michael, ended up attending my church.  He then was listening to the radio, heard the debate and called our ministry line.  To make things even more confusing for him, Mr. Burnham (from the debate) is Michael’s Stake President.  Various members of his ward are harassing him at the stores, etc., in the town they live.  I am confident you’ll know how to pray!  J   This isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with the Church and mentally impaired members who want out. 

Jeff Burnham – Stake President at debate.

Doug Crandall – Jeff’s neighbor and fellow Mormon at debate. 

We thank each and every one of you for praying for us and the ministry.  We couldn’t do this without you!  May God bless you and our warmest greetings go out to you as you celebrate this upcoming Thanksgiving! 

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18


Quote of the month from the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg. 156; “O ye Twelve! and all Saints! profit by this important Key—that in all your trials, troubles, temptations, afflictions, bonds, imprisonments and death, see to it, that you do not betray heaven; that you do not betray Jesus Christ; that you do not betray the brethren; that you do not betray the revelations of God, whether in Bible, Book of Mormon, or Doctrine and Covenants, or any other that ever was or ever will be given and revealed unto man in this world or that which is to come. Yea, in all your kicking and flounderings, see to it that you do not this thing, lest innocent blood be found upon your skirts, and you go down to hell. All other sins are not to be compared to sinning against the Holy Ghost, and proving a traitor to the brethren.


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Mormon Lifestyles & Daily Routines 

     The Mormon life is beset with many activities they see as necessary in their ultimate goal towards salvation.  Now while we can all be guilty of over scheduling our lives at times, we are assured by the Lord that we are never responsible for our own salvation – Ephesians 2:8-9 says; “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”   Good works are always a manifestation of our salvation; they never serve as a result of salvation.  They are faith in action; never because we must earn our own place beside Him.    Unfortunately for the Mormon this is not what they’ve been taught to believe.


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After Mormonism

      So you’re thinking about leaving Mormonism, the only thing you’ve known in your life and now what?  That thought goes through every single person’s mind when they come to this crossroad in life.

  Jesus or Mormonism?

      It’s scary, I know.  The doubts for me began stacking up with constant regularity.  All I knew at the age of 30 was that I loved Jesus.  I was looking for a way to know more about the man I’d read about in the Bible and every time I opened my Book of Mormon I became even more confused and concerned.

     I wanted to read stories of Him walking alongside the people in a village or the times He would gently touch someone to cure them of an infirmity.  I wanted to read about the socio-political climate of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and found nothing in my Book of Mormon about it.  I wanted those things and I wanted for them to fit in with my cultural heritage of Utah Mormonism.

     The more I read in the Bible and compared it to the teachings of the LDS Church the more I realized those two things were incompatible.  I began writing down my doubts on one side of a paper and reserved the other side for what the Bible had to say about it.  Godhood, other worlds, the color issue, eternal pregnancy, temple marriage and marriage in heaven were the items on my primitive list.

     As I was studying these things in the privacy of my home I met a Christian woman named Nancy and that encounter changed my life.  She invited me to her church and I accepted, thinking whatever they believed in was going to be heretical.  No other church or system was going to have the things I knew and held dear.

      As it turned out I ended up leaving Mormonism that day; it was Palm Sunday of ’93.

     The next day was filled with panic from what I had done.  How would I ever tell my family?  Would I have to go to the bishop’s office?  What would my family and friends back in Utah think?  The questions and bad scenarios in my head were relentless.  At the time I didn’t know enough about the Bible to sit down and begin reading it so I could be comforted.  I had never been taught that is what it’s for.

     The first thing I did in my new life was to sign up for a Bible study my church was offering.  It seemed innocuous enough and something I didn’t think would bring much attention to me.  Someone there handed me a pamphlet of activities the church offered and the idea of actually studying the Bible in-depth was very appealing.  And the rest as they say is history.

      If you’re wondering what there is after Mormonism you’re going to be happy when I tell you that this big wide world God created has some pretty amazing things to offer!

     Accept Jesus into your heart.  There is a simple way to do this!  Sit down in the private moment of your day and tell Him what’s on your mind.  Talk out loud so you can hear yourself.  Accept and admit that you’re a sinner in need of forgiveness and then ask Him to come live inside of you.  Tell Him you are in need of a loving Redeemer.  Above all else, know that He is there waiting for you.  Luke 11:9.

      Read through the Romans Road.  You can access it here.  http://lifeafterministry.com/2011/01/14/romans-road

This is a simple list of verses from the Bible to read through and pray as you accept Jesus into your heart.

      Tell someone of your decision today!  Rejoice with other Christians in your decision to not only believe in Jesus, but your decision to follow Him!

      Find a church.  There are many good Christian churches out there to attend.  If you don’t know where to begin you can ask friends or co-workers or feel free to call us too!

     At Life After Ministries we do not advocate one denomination over another.  We are an evangelical, para-church ministry.  We are not a church and we do not belong to one denomination.  We are a group of Christians who each belongs to a different Protestant church.  We are all members in the church of Jesus Christ.  Some of us live in the Seattle area, others in Pittsburgh, Miami, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Ohio, Arizona, Idaho, California, Utah, etc.  Some of us are Baptists; some belong to Calvary Chapel, while others are Lutheran, etc.

     We believe in the promise Jesus gave to the apostle Peter in Matthew 16:18 when He said; “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

     If you’d like help finding a church we can do that!  We can call the churches in your city and begin the search for you if that makes the transition easier for you.

     Attending a certain church and becoming a member is not the same as it is in the Mormon Church.  You’re a Christian first and foremost.  Where you attend church doesn’t make you who you are.  You are not the doctrines of that particular denomination any more than you are a duck.  Becoming a Christian means you are part of the body of Christ!

      Ministries in the local body of Christ are filled by people who’ve been called on by the Lord in a personal way to fill a need in that church.  Activities in a Christian church are endless!  If you know you like working with kids then you can volunteer with the Children’s programs or if you enjoy helping others with your carpentry or computer skills, I know the church and the Lord will find the place for you.

     There are Bible studies, sometimes there are fishing and hunting clubs, running/exercise groups, art and cooking classes, tea parties, or helping shut-ins and the homeless.  There are also worship teams so if you’re musically inclined you can join the choir or the worship team if that’s the way the Lord has blessed you.

     The Christian church does not have “callings” like the LDS Church does.  There are all types of programs offered in the Christian church, but whether or not you volunteer or participate is a personal thing between you and the Lord.

      The holiday season seemed to be the most interesting for us in that first year of leaving Mormonism.  I found the Christians celebrated Christmas with an enthusiasm I’d never expected.  For the first time I celebrated the birth of Jesus without including the birth of Joseph Smith.  Not only do the Christians read the New Testament about the birth of Christ, they actually go back to the Old Testament and learn how the birth of the Messiah was foretold by Malachi, Isaiah, Jeremiah and others.  The biggest shock for me personally was the way Christians celebrate Easter.

     I didn’t know they actually begin the observances of this sacred holiday the week before Easter on Palm Sunday.  Then every day thereafter is another day of reflection on what Jesus had done the week leading up to His death.  Talk about culture shock!

      As for tithing, well this is a personal affair between you and God.  The pastor won’t call you in for a yearly tithing settlement.  Church members won’t know how much money you made last year unless you’ve openly shared the information with someone and even if you do, there is no one who will call to ask why you didn’t give a full ten percent of your income.

     Not long after Kirk and I got saved we were struggling with this issue.  Belonging to the Mormon Church made us leery of giving money away to a “man-made” organization.  All that changed one day when a friend we had met at church gave us his opinion about tithing when we asked what he did about this issue.

     He told us he had the same trepidations in the beginning and then one day the Lord laid it on his heart that the money he gave at the collection plate each week wasn’t about people.  It was a personal sacrifice on your part to God.

     Do you believe God gave you all that you have?  Why not give Him back ten percent of what He gave to you?  Those are the questions we had to ask ourselves.  Were we putting our trust in man or Him?  I can’t explain why, but when it was presented that way we had no problem giving it back to the Lord.

     It was the beginning or our understanding that everything about Christianity is a personal relationship between you and Jesus and not between you and a church.

     What I can tell you is that now we give more than ten percent.  The Lord has blessed us through Kirk’s work and it seems the more we give away, the more we receive.

      Jesus gave the members of His church two ordinances to follow; baptism and communion.  With that in mind let’s begin with the ordinance of baptism.

     Now many churches will want for you to be baptized when you join them in membership.  Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change that’s taken place within you.

     You are making a public announcement that you’ve aligned yourself to Jesus Christ, the One True God of the Bible.  As you are dunked into the water you’ve made a proclamation that your present sinful life is dead and buried with Him.  You are admitting that you are dead in your sins.  Being brought up out of the water signifies you have a new life that’s been resurrected from your previous way of life.  Romans 6:3-7.

      Now let’s look at communion.  Some churches serve communion every week while others serve it once a month and I’ve heard of some serving it only once a year.

     The significance of communion mustn’t be overlooked.  I’ve never attended a biblically sound Christian church that serves water and Wonderbread©.  And I do mean never.  The LDS Church is the only place I have seen this practiced.

     The elements used in communion are emblems of two things.  The wine (or juice in most Protestant churches) is emblematic of the blood Jesus shed for you personally while He hung on that cross to pay for your sins.

     The unleavened piece of bread represents His sinless life.  Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:51) and we are told by Him to partake of His life.  When He broke the unleavened bread to give to His disciples He was showing them that His body would be broken so they (we) might have life.  Just as the Passover is a symbol of the Old Covenant so is communion to the New Covenant.  1 Cor. 11:23-27.

     When we partake of the elements we are proclaiming the Lord’s death until He returns.  It’s an acknowledgement that He died and was resurrected and you believe His promise to return.  You are also proclaiming He is your only hope for salvation and He is your God and Savior.

     With all that being said let me also point out that unbelievers and children should not be participating in communion.  The scriptures are clear when the apostle Paul stated anyone partaking of the elements unworthily is bringing damnation upon his head.  Also see Hebrews 10:29-31.

      Will your life change when you leave Mormonism?  Absolutely!  Will there still be the everyday struggles of kids bickering and the dog barking incessantly while the phone is ringing as you’re making dinner?  Yep.  Those little things don’t go away when you become a Christian.

      You won’t be living in a plastic world of “everybody’s happy”.  Real life still happens, people die, people are born, cars break down and jobs are gained and lost.

      BUT – the Holy Spirit is living inside of you; 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, God is there with you.

      What does change is the way those things are handled by you.  Your focus will be on Him and the relationship you have with Him (Romans 12:2)!  He is your helper (Deuteronomy 31:6).  He is the One that will come and make His abode within you (John 14:23).  He is the One that gives you hope during the crazy day that never seems to end (Romans 8:6) – He is the Lord of hosts, meaning He is Jehovah Sabaoth – the Lord over everything (Isaiah 6:1-8).

               Gone are the thoughts of having to make sure you have your food storage up to date and worrying over the upcoming interview by the bishop for your worthiness.  If you believe in Jesus and His spilled blood for you on the cross, God sees you as worthy.

      The only “meetings” you have in your future are the precious and private prayers with God the Father and His Son Jesus who died for you.  You are a new creature in Him – (2 Corinthians 5:17).

      Welcome my friend, to the life of Christianity!  It is lovely to know you are free and it is peaceful beyond description.  Never in a million years would I have thought it could be this good.

 With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18

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The Heavenly Mother of Mormonism

 By Melissa Grimes

 One of the core beliefs in Mormonism is that not only do they have a Father in Heaven, but a Mother in Heaven as well.  This doctrine came from what they call “latter day revelation”, yet it isn’t something you’ll find in any of their extra scriptures.


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January 6 – It’s been said that the heart of Christianity can be found in Romans 4:25.  “Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.”

As Christians we can take refuge in knowing where our eternity lies, the work of our salvation has already been taken care of.

As a Mormon you believe that “work is the blessing that brings about salvation”.  David O. McKay, Pathways to Happiness, pg. 381

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